How Does Your Kingdom Grow?

How Does Your Kingdom Grow? When Jesus told the parable of the sower and the four soils, His disciples asked for an explanation of the meaning in the story. In our desire to apply the message of this parable in our lives, it seems there are more questions raised about where we fit in the … [Read more…]

Your Opportunity Is Today

On Sunday, we dug into the parable of the unfruitful fig tree in Luke 13. Although the fig tree had not produced fruit for three years, the gardener gave it one more opportunity to bear fruit. He would give the tree extra attention so it had everything it needed to produce. We see a parallel … [Read more…]

And Then It’s All Gone…

And then it’s all gone… We work hard, save for the future, and hope to live comfortably. It seems like good stewardship. But, things happen. Our plans don’t quite work out. And then it’s all gone… Sometimes our view of how we should manage the blessings we’ve received is a little off. Sometimes we struggle … [Read more…]

Palm Sunday – Remembering Jesus’ Death

This Sunday begins the journey to the Cross. As we remember the death of our Savior by observing Communion, we reflect on our participation in both sending Jesus to the Cross and receiving the forgiveness He provides. Join us for this deeply meaningful time of worship on Palm Sunday.